Garbhageete: What should be the diet of 4 months pregnant women? What do the experts look like? | Healthy fetal development by yoga expert Kamala Bharadwaj IG News

Yoga expert Kamala Bharadwaj has provided information on what pregnant women should look for in their fourth month, what kind of food they should eat, and what problems can affect them if they do not eat.

Yoga expert on how pregnant women should be in their fourth month, what kind of food they should eat, Kamala Bhardwaj Here is the information provided.

SweetIf pregnant women consume too much sweetener, it can cause diabetes, bladder diseases and obesity.

Sour: Consuming sour in excess can cause problems related to skin and eyes.

Salt: If the intake of salt is too much, there is a possibility of white hair, wrinkled skin, teeth may not develop properly.

Subs: Increased consumption of sweet potatoes can cause ejaculation and ejaculation.

bitter Bitter intake is associated with increased swelling, weakness, lack of digestion, and more.

Flexibility: Consuming a substance containing mucus can cause the problem of tegu, heartburn and dry skin.

Here is information on what a mother should do when the baby is in the stomach, and what the meal should be like.

Any food that a mother consumes more of during pregnancy has its own negative effects. Balance should be maintained in meals.

Let the meal be like this
Like serving in a banana leaf, payasa is placed on the right side, chitranna or puliogari on the left side, two types of kosambari, two types of palya, one gojju, some salt, pickle and chutney are placed on the top of the banana.

In the middle, add rice paste, broth, sambar and buttermilk at the end. Fried snacks and sweets are also served.

Since we have a meal in the right hand, the meal should always be started from the right, ie. Salt is as far away from the left hand as the right hand. So it should be in our head not to overuse salt.

Information on Kamala Bharadwaj: Kamala Bhardwaj is a renowned yoga expert and runs a yoga center called Satya. He has done MSc in Yoga and PG Diploma in Yoga. He completed his MBA from Jain College.

In 2015 he was awarded the Aryabhata International Award for Achievement in Yoga. He is also the recipient of the Yoga Kalashadaki Award and has taken several courses including the Astrological Ratna. For more information on pregnancy call Mo.9663879672. Visit


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