Gas Geyser Leak: The tragic end of the bride who went to bath! How is Javaraya hiding in the bathroom? IG News

Meerut: A newlywed has met a tragic end in a shocking incident in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut city. The woman died of suffocation due to leakage of gas geyser on the day after she joined her husband’s house after marriage. According to reports, the woman, who had gone for a bath, did not come out for a long time, and the family members got suspicious and knocked on the door. As there was no response from the bathroom, he broke the door and went inside to find her unconscious. The family immediately rushed to the hospital. But unfortunately, doctors said that the woman died before being brought to the hospital.

This is the cause of death

When gas geysers are turned on, they use up all the oxygen to heat the water and release carbon monoxide. In case of a leak, the people inside will suffocate to death within minutes. This gas is very dangerous. The moment after inhaling this gas, they lose consciousness. If identified immediately and shown to the doctor, there is a possibility of saving life. If you forget, you will have to lose your life like this woman.

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Use in a ventilated bathroom

In the past, the use of gas geysers was thought to cause epilepsy. It is said that sometimes it can cause death due to suffocation. That is why doctors recommend installing a gas geyser in a bathroom with a window for good ventilation.

Danger of using gas geyser

Experts said that there is a possibility of permanent brain damage due to gas geyser leak in some cases. However, it can be treated with anti-seizure medications used for a few months. Inhaling for five minutes may cause dizziness at first. Feel gas for a long time and lose consciousness first. After that there is a possibility of death due to inability to breathe.

Why is carbon monoxide dangerous?

Experts say that the gas coming out of a gas geyser can render a person unconscious and induce a coma-like state. This gas attacks the red blood cells that supply oxygen to the body. When we breathe, hemoglobin combines with oxygen. With its help, oxygen passes through the lungs to the rest of the body. When the oxygen supply system is affected, problems such as increased heart rate, low body temperature, vomiting, low blood pressure, nausea, nervousness, difficulty in breathing occur.

Gas geyser

A casual picture

Precautionary measures

Take these precautions if you are using a gas geyser in your home. If a gas geyser is installed, keep the geyser and gas cylinder outside the bath house. Fill the bucket with hot water before leaving the bathhouse door. Make sure the room is well ventilated. Make it a habit to leave the bathroom door open for a while after showering.