GCCI portal launched to increase the income of Gaushalas IG News

Rajkot (Gujarat): The first day of “Cow Tech Expo 2023” organized by the Global Configuration of Cow Based Industries (GCCI) began with Pooja Archana and Havan program. In this event where another lecture was organized by GCCI in the direction of promotion of cow protection at “Oo Tech Expo 2023”, stall giving new information about establishments manufacturing and selling cow products from all over the country, visitors related to cow service. became the center of attraction. When Union Minister Mr. Parshottam Rupala inaugurated the portal of GCCI, a new enthusiasm was seen among the people. Appreciating this event, he said that today Gaushalas across the country are making everything from medicines to household items like incense sticks. We consider cow’s dung-cow urine to be holy and use it in worship, which is living up to the test of science today. Cow dung, cow urine is the only waste that has remained a symbol of cleanliness and purity for centuries. While no such creature in the world has any specialty in waste. The event was attended by several dignitaries from Gujarat including former Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, former Governor of Karnataka Shri Vijubhai Vala and former minister, IFFCO Chairman Shri Dilipbhai Sanghani and pioneer activist of Jal Kranti Shri Bhupendra Singh Joda as well. Many saints were present.

Before the inauguration of the portal of GCCI by Union Minister Mr. Parshottam Rupala, General Secretary of GCCI Mr. Purish Kumar came to explain the features of the portal and he said that many types of goods are being made from cow dung in cowsheds across the country . But the Gaushala operators do not know how to market their goods and earn from cow dung and urine. To solve this problem, GCCI decided to create a platform where it would be easy for them to manufacture, sell and get the right price. It is the endeavor of GCCI to provide a global platform to various types of goods made in Gaushala. He also said that for this all the information is available on the portal of GCCI and the Gaushala worker and the concerned person can go and register themselves. A separate counter has also been made to provide this arrangement in the expo. He further told that this portal will work in the same way as Amazon, Flipkart or any other marketing agency works to launch products related to Gaushala in the international market, but the difference will be that GCCI will pay special attention to the sellers of all Gaushala products. Will give and keep close coordination with them.

The program started with the singing of Gau Mahima by the Gau Sevika who came from Hyderabad and the young director of the Gaushala programme. The main attraction of the program was the participation of saints. Overall the program had turned out to be extremely inspiring. Shri Shri Parshottam Rupala Ji, the chief guest, told about the glory of the cow and said that today hundreds of items are being made in cowsheds made of cow dung, which are useful in everyday life. Not only medicines are being made from cow dung, but also household items like incense sticks are being prepared from them. The system of cow rearing can be understood from the era of Lord Krishna where he gave the message of public welfare through cow rearing. Maintaining the same tradition, cow dung is the most sacred material of India and used in worship. This thing is being true today even on the test of science.

“Cow Tech Expo 2023” organized by GCCI Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiriya, the pioneer and patron, said in his lecture that today a lot of work is being done in Gaushalas. It is very important for them to be self-reliant for cow protection. Cattle are a huge asset. Today many institutions are working as a model and making all kinds of stuff. But they do not have any platform to sell and earn in aggregate. GCCI is committed to this. Referring to the use of fertilizers in the past, he was told that about 144 crore subsidy has been saved in the country by the use of manure made from cow dung and cow urine. Today, the use of cow dung and urine has also given birth to a new technology which has made this work easier. To promote this, there are many schemes in all the ministries under the Central Government, which people do not know, GCCI has also taken the responsibility of telling and linking them so that the cow shelters across the country can be linked in one formula.

Former Governor of Karnataka, Mr. Vijubhai Vala Walo, among the distinguished persons present in the programme, said that cow protection is not only related to the country’s identity, but is also related to human and earth’s nutrition, maintaining its natural nature and protecting nature. Strict action should be taken against those who obstruct the work of cow protection. That’s why it is necessary to ban cow slaughter in the country. Former Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani praised the effort of Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiria while praising the “Cow Tech Expo 2023” event and said that Dr. Kathiria is walking on the path of self-reliant India campaign of the famous Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi . In the program, IFFCO Chairman Mr. Dilip Bhai Sanghani talked about promoting the use of cow dung and urine to maintain the fertility of the land, while Mr. Bhupendra Singh Juda, an eminent activist of water revolution in Gujarat, described the cow as the basis of happiness and peace. Saints present on this occasion also extolled the glory of cow and told the measures for the development of cow shelters for the promotion of cow conservation in the country.

The first day was full of enthusiasm and when talking to some of the dedicated workers for the event, first of all Mr. Raju Dhruv, media in-charge of Gujarat State BJP, made an effort to make the India of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream come true. Describing the campaign as the mother of additional income from the Prime Minister, he remembered the way of thinking and working to deal with the sufferings and pains of the common man. And said that cow is a great asset of any household. She is also like a member of the family. That’s why there is a great need to connect cow with the dream of self-reliant India and make it come true. Senior officer of GCCI Mr. Amitabh Bhatnagar talked about connecting Gaushala Abhiyan with every household and people. Dr. KP Singh Bhadauria, a cow devotee and an expert in the promotion of cow protection, has appealed to the Government of India that the campaign of GCCI should be given special support and protection by the Central Government. Because, gaushalas across the country have a lot of faith in the central government. That’s why Honorable Animal Husbandry Minister should not only pay special attention to the promotion of cow protection.

Mr. Mittal Khetani, Co-opted member of Animal Welfare Board of India and Advisor to the Union Ministry of Animal Husbandry, for the fascinating operation of the program of “Cow Tech Expo 2023”. Who, while maintaining the grandeur and dignity of the stage, put four moons in the program operation system. The first day of the expo concluded with a popular Gujarati song and dance performance in collaboration with local artistes which was enjoyed by all the visitors. At the same time got acquainted with the folk culture of Gujarat.