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A group of leaders of Germany’s far-right Alternative (AFD) party announced on Tuesday they were traveling to Russian-held areas in eastern Ukraine. Christian Blakes, an MP for North Rhine-Westphalia and environmental spokesman for the AFD, said he was traveling from Saxony Anhalt with Hans Thomas Tilschneider and Daniel Wald.

Writing on Telegram, Blakes revealed that the purpose of the trip was to “attempt to get a concrete picture of the human condition” in the Donbass region.

He added: “The reporting of the Western media, especially the so-called public broadcasters and other pro-German media, is extremely one-sided.”

Saxony Anhalt’s AfD group confirmed that two representatives of the regional parliament had traveled to Russia around the time.

He added: “There are plans to visit eastern Ukraine.”

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However, AFD deputy leader Peter Boehringer claimed that the party was not traveling.

According to the Guardian, Tilschneider has described Russian President Vladimir Putin as “an authentic striker, a real man with a healthy framework of values”.

The AFD, which was established in 2013, returned 83 MPs to the Bundestag last year and elected 11 of Germany’s 96 MEPs to Brussels.

Ukraine’s outgoing ambassador to Germany Andries Melnik took to Twitter to target the AfD.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said such elections would make the redrawn borders “irreversible” and enable Moscow to use “any means” to defend them.

However, Kyiv Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba said: “Ukraine has every right to liberate its territories and will continue to free them whatever Russia has to say.”


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