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People in South Western Ontario should start getting into the habit of dialing 382 at the beginning of their phone calls.

This is the new area code that combines the existing 226, 519 and 548 numbers.

Those area codes are projected to expire by July 2024, according to the Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA).

The Telecom Alliance says the new area code will be implemented on June 17, 2023, and will be gradually introduced after that date.

The coalition said in a news release, “After this date, consumers and businesses requesting a new phone number may receive one with the new area code, only to be assigned to customers when numbers with existing area codes are matched.” There won’t be enough supply.” release.

“Numbers with the new 382 area code will only be assigned to customers if there is not an adequate supply of numbers with existing area codes.”

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Sean Delacruz and Shelley Gilbert both have 519 area codes, but have different opinions on the new 382 numbers. (Mike Evans/CBC)

CBC Windsor asked residents on Friday what they thought about the new area code. Most took it for granted.

Shawn Delacruz, who says he is proud of his 519 prefix, said, “It’s something new to get used to. It’s not a traditional Windsor phone number.”

“There may be a better number.”

Shelley Gilbert said she believes that over time people will get used to it like other new area codes that have come into existence.

“If we need it, I think it speaks to population growth, so it’s a good thing for Windsor and Essex County.”


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