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Mumbai : Pantnagar police are investigating the mysterious death of a couple in an elite society in Ghatkopar. Tina and Deepak Shah were found dead in the bathroom of their residence after playing with friends. On the day of Dhulivandan, i.e. Tuesday, at 3:30 pm, Shah was seen at Chhedanagar Junction, two hundred meters away from the couple’s house. However, there is no clarity about their whereabouts till half past nine in the night. The police have formed five teams and started trying to find out where the Shah couple had gone during the intervening six hours. So that the cause of their death can be shed light on. Even doctors have not clarified the cause of his death as the postmortem report remains inconclusive.

“The maid who worked for the Shahs reached their flat around 12.05 pm on Wednesday. She rang the bell, but when no one answered for a long time, she dialed Tina’s number. Placing the phone on the table next to the door, she could hear the bell clearly from outside. Phone As no one was opening the door even though she was inside, she became worried and immediately called Deepak’s mother Kantaben,” said an officer from Pantnagar police station.

Kantaben Shah immediately called his Dira who lived in Kukreja Palace. They came to Shah couple’s flat G-501 with a duplicate key and opened the door. Hearing the sound of the shower inside, the maid ran. She saw them both lying naked in the bathroom. She immediately called Deepak’s uncle. They called Deepak’s mother, the Mumbai police control room and his family doctor, the police officer said.

“The shower in the bathroom was switched off, the geyser was not running. The doctors who came before us found Deepak and Tina’s pulse stopped. We rushed them to Rajawadi Hospital, where the doctors declared them brought dead,” said Ravid Dutt, senior police inspector of Pantnagar police station. Sawant said. “Their post-mortems were conducted on Thursday, but doctors have not given any preliminary cause of death for the two. The viscera and essential cells have been preserved for further analysis by the Kalina Forensic Laboratory,” police said.

Five possibilities behind death

When asked what the cause of death could be, forensic experts said there could be five possibilities behind the mysterious death of the Shah couple. Acute myocardial infarction (myocardial infarction/heart attack), or retching (when food or liquid gets stuck in the airways or lungs instead of being swallowed), or vasovagal shock (vomiting at the sight of blood or extreme emotional stress), or cardiac Taking Viagra after cardiac arrhythmia (the electrical signals that coordinate the heartbeat after taking a drug like Viagra does not work properly) or taking drugs can be the cause of death,” said Dr. Rajesh Dere, Head of Forensic Science at Sion Hospital, reported ‘Mid-Day’. ‘ is given in the report on the website of the newspaper. However, no one has been able to say for sure that he may have died due to one of these reasons.

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On Monday evening, the Shah couple went to Juhu for Holika Puja and returned at 8.30 pm after having dinner. The next day around 10 AM, he again left home on his bike and met some friends at Ghatkopar West. “The five couples met at a ground near Ritambhara College in Juhu. There they played Holi from 11 am to 2 pm. Later, Shah had dinner with friends and left on his bike around 3 pm. One of his friends went to Ghatkopar, while Shah drove on the Eastern Expressway. A police officer said that he took a left turn at Nagar Junction.

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Although Shah reached Chheda Nagar Junction (about 200 meters from his house) around 3.30 pm, a watchman saw him entering the building around 9.30 pm. “They came at 9.30 pm, but they did not appear drunk,” said the watchman of the society. The Pantnagar police are speechless about these six hours, as neither call record details or tower location are available during this period.

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