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Dasari Kranthi Kumar, News18, Bhadradri Kothagudem

Baby girls are the buds that should bloom in front of the house. Like Puttinta Mahalakshmi, houses that should have been buzzing with riots are going to be muted due to impulsive decisions taken by children on a moment’s whim. It seems that the reason for this is petty quarrels that take place in the family. In recent times, children who don’t know abhanshub are buying bad things if the elders give them a little advice. There is a lot of grief left behind. A recent incident in Bhadrachalam town of Bhadradri Kothagudem District stands as a direct reflection of the relationship between parents and children today.

The incident took place in Bhadrachalam of Kothagudem district of Bhadradri, who left the village in anger with her mother because her daughter, who had been brought up mischievously since childhood, had asked her to study for exams. Keerthi (15), daughter of Shankar and Srijana of Korrajula Gutta Colony in Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Bhadrachalam, has been missing since October 31. Keerthy, who is studying in class 10 in a private school in Bhadrachalam, went to tuition on October 31 at six in the morning saying that she would go to tuition like every day.

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Keerthy, who had gone for tuition, did not return home, and her parents were distressed and started searching. A complaint was lodged at the Bhadrachalam police station as he could not find his whereabouts. According to the information collected by the police, it is known that Keerthi went to Vijayawada from Bhadrachalam in search of CC Putteji.

The parents are crying as they don’t know where she went from Vijayawada. The mother is distressed as the baby has not been found for 20 days. If anyone knows the details, they are requested to immediately inform Bhadrachalam police and Keerti’s parents. Those who know the whereabouts of Kirti are requested to provide information on 9440795320, 9959498265, 9177702927, 6300806075.

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