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Karthika Masam: In Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh), some videos and photos are going viral. Especially all believe that these are the glories of God Anna.. special pooja is done. Recently many such incidents are happening. Milking the idol..Snake worshiping Lord Shiva..Cow circumambulating the temple..Anjaneya opening his eyes..Coconut taking the form of Lord Ganesha..Rama shedding tears..We keep hearing about these things all the time..but we don’t know what the reason is. .. strange incidents remain. Because most of the Hindus strongly believe that Gods have glory. Such incidents make their beliefs true.

Recently, during the holy month of Karithika, a wonderful incident took place in the East Godavari District. The idol of Lord Lakshmi Devi (Lord Lakshmi mata) opened its eyes in a temple in Kadiapulanka Chinta of Kadiam mandal in the district. Usually the deity idols appear to us as if their eyes are closed and only half open. But the sudden opening of Ammavari’s eyes here says that all this is the glory of the Goddess.

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Lakshmi Mata Open eyes || Holy month of Kartika.. Devotees with eyes open https://t.co/6kxOyxiMYm via @YouTube #karthikapournami #lakshmi #LordShiva #HindusUnderAttack #Hindutva #HinduRashtra #AndhraPradesh #Andhra

Meanwhile, the month of Kartika is going on. As yesterday was the last Kartika Monday, devotees flocked to the temples. In this sequence, Goddess Mahalakshmi’s eyes were open in Lakshmi Devi Temple in Kadiyapulanka, surprising everyone.

India is the land of orthodox Hinduism. Hindus have a tradition of measuring not only Gods, but also animals and birds in nature with great devotion. Gods are thought to have glory. Recently, the same thing happened in Kadiam mandal.

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The news spread like wildfire in the area and devotees flocked to see the miracle. They raced to see Goddess Lakshmi who appeared with her eyes open. Devotees flock in droves to visit Goddess Mahalakshmi.

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