Gold dealers in Sudan are on strike in refusal of the decisions of a government company

Gold dealers in Sudan are on strike in refusal of the decisions of a government company

The Association of Goldsmiths and Miners accused the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company of pursuing traders, searching their offices, and possessing any amount of gold in return for paying a non-refundable 20%.

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Today, Tuesday, the rally carried out a strike in the capital and the states in protest against the company’s decision to collect 1,000 pounds for each gram of gold.

The strike included the Gold Building in Khartoum, and a number of markets and gold production sites in the states. The goldsmiths also organized a protest pause in Khartoum, while the gathering announced the continuation of the escalation in the coming days, if its demands to cancel the decision were not responded to.

The head of the Goldsmiths and Miners Association, Atef Ahmed, said that the strike was carried out at a rate of up to 80% in Khartoum and a number of states, and a committee was formed to meet officials in the state, especially the Ministries of Minerals and Finance, the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources and all concerned parties, revealing that a meeting will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, with Director of the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources to discuss the issue.

Ahmed indicated that the purpose of the strike and vigil drew the attention of officials to the importance of finding urgent solutions to all the problems of goldsmiths, miners and gold traders.

Vigil success

For his part, the assembly’s deputy secretary, Najm al-Din Suleiman, confirmed the success of the vigil and strike. “About 80% of the miners, traders and goldsmiths in the Gold Building in Khartoum responded to the strike, except for some fairs, as well as a number of markets and production sites in the states, especially the Nile River and South Kordofan, which stopped working,” he said.

Suleiman expected that offices in the gold building and markets in the states will begin their work after three in the afternoon, provided that the escalation will continue in the coming days if solutions are not reached with officials.

He considered the metal company’s pursuit of traders as an outright aggression that created a crisis and mistrust between producers and official authorities. As well as the exit of gold from the economic system after loading this product to more than 50%, which are various levies that harm the production process.

The gathering had announced a few days ago that it would go on strike on Tuesday at the Central Gold Complex and all production areas. The traders justified this by the Sudanese company’s abuse of its unjust decision No. (44) on the productivity of gold and the imposition of impossible sums on the gram, which led to the disruption of the production movement and the opening of the door to smuggling from new.


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