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Gold prices are falling… Jewelry lovers rejoice! IG News


Gold Level: Gold prices in India show a pattern of rising one day and falling slightly the next. Meanwhile, the price of gold, which fell in early December due to the war between Israel and Palestine, has been steadily rising for the past few weeks.

Today’s gold price

In this case, last Monday the price of gold rose to Rs. 160 less. The next day, Tuesday, the price of gold fell by Rs 160 per quintal. But on Wednesday, the saw rose suddenly by Rs 160. However, the next day on Thursday, gold prices fell by Rs 80 per quintal. Similarly, last Friday, Savaran fell by Rs.8 to Rs. 46,712 and was sold at Rs 5,839 per gram, down by Rs 1 per gram.

In this situation, the price of gold has gone down a bit today. This makes jewelry lovers and housewives somewhat happy. Today in Chennai, the price of 22 carat jewelery has come down by Rs 72 per shaver to Rs. 46,640 for sale. A gram of gold is selling at Rs 5,830, down by Rs 9 per gram.

A gram of 24 carat jewelery costs Rs. 6360 and a shaver for Rs. 50,880 for sale.

The price of silver

Any change in silver price is currently trading at Rs 76.50 per gram. A kg of silver is selling at Rs 76,500.

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