Good News: CSMT-Shirdi/Solapur Vande Bharat halts at these two stations IG News


Mumbai: Vande Bharat Express is gradually becoming popular among long-distance mail-express trains, including the CSMT-Saibaba Shirdi and Solapur runs on the Central Railway. There is good news for the main line travelers amid reports of more than 100 percent occupancy in these two trains even in the bean season now. Two new stations (Thane and Kalyan) have been added to the stop stations of CSMT and Shirdi and CSMT Solapur Vande Bharat trains in Central Railway, so that the commuters will be relieved in commuting, said a railway official.

From August 4th, both these stations will have a halt for both trains. CSMT-Shirdi Sainagar Vande Bharat (22223/22224) Express will arrive in Thane at 6.49, while departing two minutes later. The same train will reach Kalyan at 7.11 am. Similarly, the Shirdi Sainagar-CSMT train will halt at Kalyan at 9.45 pm, while at Thane at around 10.06 pm. The stop stations of this train will be Dadar, Thane, Kalyan Nashik Road and Sainagar Shirdi starting from Mumbai CSMT.

The CSMT-Solapur Vande Bharat Express (22225/22226) train has also been halted, with the CSMT-Solapur Vande Bharat train halting at Thane at 4.33 pm, while at Kalyan at 4.53 pm. Also, in return, this train will have 11.50 night halt at Solapur-CSMT Vande Bharat Train Thane.

Both these trains will have Dadar, Kalyan, Pune, Kurduwadi stations. The halt stations of these two railway stations will be on a temporary basis. It may be mentioned here that these two trains are the most popular trains in the Central Railway.