Good News: This police lady is giving education to poor children on the roadside, she is getting a lot of praise. IG News

Bulandshahr: The working style of the Uttar Pradesh Police is the most questioned but Gudan Chowdhury, a woman constable posted at the Khurja Dehat Police Station in Bulandshahr, is a member of the UP community. The police have presented such an example, which everyone is surprised to see.

Gudan Chowdhury, a female constable stationed at the Khurja Dehat police station in Bulandshahr, became famous as Police Madam. This is proving to be a boon for children whose families are unable to send their children to school due to lack of money. In Bulandshahr Khurja police station Madam Gudan Chowdhury takes out her valuable time from duty and builds a school on the road every day to teach more than three dozen children.

Helping children at their own expense

Gudan Chowdhury posted at Khurja Dehat in Bulandshahr is a woman constable in Uttar Pradesh Police by profession but Gudan Chowdhury has established her own unique school in Khurja. Every day she teaches children who somehow cannot go to school. Especially the destitute people living on the roadside, children living in slums are involved. Gudan Chaudhary is donating the education of children by building a school for them. Not only this, Gudan Chowdhury himself arranges for him a copy, book, pen and pencil with his own money.

SSP Shlok Kumar also assured of help

Seeing this effort of Gudan Chaudhary, now Bulandshahr SSP Shlok Kumar is also assuring help from the police. Along with this, they are also taking the initiative of handing out certificates of appreciation for the wonderful initiative of women constables.

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