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Guelph police say multiple charges were filed after a taxi was stolen and then crashed on Friday evening,

Just after 8:30, officers were called into the property of the Guelph General Hospital.

Officials said a man jumped on the passenger side seat of the taxi and demanded a ride. The cabbie refused to pay the fare, as he already had a paying passenger seated in the back seat.

The cabbie had gone to the security of the hospital to seek help. When the man was gone, police said the front passenger shifted to the driver’s seat of the taxi, even though the passenger was still behind.

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14-year-old accused in investigation of stolen vehicle: Guelph Police

Police said the passenger sitting in the back seat jumped seeing what was happening. The man then boarded the cab, speeding up and swiping the other vehicle to the side. Police said the cab hit a curb and was “slightly airborne” before hitting a hydro pole.

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The police said that both the cab and the side swipe vehicle suffered significant damage. The youth in the cab suffered minor injuries.

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The charges against a 29-year-old Guelph man include motor vehicle theft, dangerous driving and bad driving.


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