Gujarati Video: BJP MLA Ketan Inamdar attacked the managers of Baroda dairy, alleged that the managers are treating the dairy as a personal property IG News

Vadodara: Savli’s BJP MLA Ketan Inamdar has raised a front against Baroda dairy managers. He lashed out at the issue of nepotism going on in the dairy and said that if it is not resolved in the next few days, he will launch a fierce agitation.

Vadodara’s Savli MLA Ketan Inamdar has come down against the Baroda dairy management. He has alleged that milk producers are being treated unfairly by the management of Baroda Dairy. If this problem is not resolved, he has warned of intense agitation in the next 10 days. He said that there will be a program of intense agitation and siege at Baroda Dairy. 20 An appeal letter will also be sent to the Collector demanding resolution of the issue.

Ketan Inamdar made serious allegations against dairy managers

BJP MLA Ketan Inamdar lashed out at the management of Baroda Dairy saying that they are treating Baroda Dairy as their father’s fiefdom. He said that if the issue of milk price and nepotism going on in the dairy is not resolved in 10 days, then he will protest.

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Allegation of nepotism in employment in dairy

Ketan Inamdar reached the Vadodara Collector’s office to file a complaint regarding 20 issues including low prices paid to cattle farmers in Baroda dairy, high price and low quality of grains and nepotism in employment in the dairy. He had a meeting in the collector’s office for more than two hours. He said that the basic foundation of dairy is the congregation. If injustice is done to the congregation, it is said that it is very wrong. He further said that if the dairy develops, the members should also benefit.