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A worker who went to a Gulf country for pottakooti died suddenly. Bhanot Gangaram (54) of Jaisewalal Bhukyareddy Tanda near Vattimalla village of Konaraupeta mandal under Vemulawada constituency of Rajanna Sirisilla district has been working as a migrant worker in the Gulf country of Kuwait for 30 years. Gangaram has been trying to return to his country for the past few days, but stayed in the country due to delay in visa stamping. Gangaram suffered a heart attack on 1st August during this event. The friends who noticed him rushed him to the hospital where the doctors declared him already dead, the friends said. Wife Prema and sons Ganesh are crying after hearing the news of the death of Gulf worker Gangaram. The victim’s family members and village sarpanch Pramila asked the government officials to respond and repatriate Gangaram’s body.

In the background of family quarrels, the incident of killing the married wife and then committing suicide took place in Rajanna Sirisilla district center. According to the details given by the police.. Bheti Shankar-Chandrakala couple resides in Bhavanarishi Nagar of Sirisilla town. The couple has been fighting for a few days. Three days ago (on 31st July) husband Shankar killed Chandrakala by hitting her on the head. Later, he hanged the body from the roof of the house with a rope to portray suicide and ran away. The deceased’s sons are living in another area for survival. They have been trying to talk to their mother over the phone since July 31. Suspicious, the sons called the neighbors and asked them to call their mother. In this order, the woman went and saw that the house was locked. Looking through the window, they noticed Chandrakala hanging from the roof of the house and told their sons about it. The police reached the spot after learning about the matter. A case has been registered and police are investigating the incident.

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