Gutter Chambers | Trouble: Gutter chambers higher than the road, victims of accidents on the road, poor construction work has become a headache IG News

Gutter Chambers, Wardha

Wardha. The chambers of the underground gutter scheme on the JB Science College road in the city have become higher than the road. People are falling victim to accidents due to the driver coming in the grip of the high chamber. Despite complaining about the shoddy construction work, surprise is being expressed due to the neglect of the administration.

Jankidevi Bajaj College, GS Commerce College and Gandhi Reading Room are on the way from Mahatma Gandhi Chowk. Also, along with the Hindu cremation ground, the cemetery is on this route. It is convenient to go full spread through this route. Due to this, there is heavy traffic on the route from morning as well as till late night. However, negligence was done while carrying out the work of underground gutter scheme on this main road. The chambers of many underground gutters have become high. Due to non-appearance of high chambers on the road, people are becoming victims of accidents. Citizens have demanded to solve the problem of the road as soon as possible.

Students are having trouble in commuting

Due to JB Science College and GS Commerce College, thousands of students have to travel through this route everyday. Also, the number of people going to Fulfil is more. Due to heavy traffic on the road from Post Office Chowk to Mahatma Gandhi Chowk, the ambulance going towards Sevagram and Savangi passes through this route at high speed. Realizing the seriousness of the problem, there is a need to level the chamber of the road with the road.

The same situation prevails on other roads as well.

While doing the work of underground gutter scheme, the contractor has not done qualitative work. Chambers of underground gutter scheme have been prepared by digging in the middle of the roads at many places in the city. In some places the chambers have become high. So at some places potholes have been prepared on the roads due to the lowering of the chamber. The problem remains serious due to zero remedial plan.

solve the traffic problem as soon as possible

Citizens should pay serious attention to the problems faced by the citizens and solve them. Due to the chambers of the underground gutter scheme not being level with the road at many places, the evidence of accidents has increased. It is necessary to plan early measures to avoid major accidents in the future.

– Surendra Singh, Former President – Lions Club, Wardha.