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First patient of H3N2 found in Pimpalgaon Baswant, health department on alert mode

Nashik : The first infected patient of H3N2 has been found in Pimpalgaon Baswant of Nashik district. This news has created a stir in the entire district. A businessman who had come from Rajasthan to trade grapes in Pimpalgaon was admitted to a private hospital in Nashik due to ill health. Due to getting wet in the rain in Pimpalgaon Baswant area, he had caught cold, while due to high blood pressure and sugar problem, he was admitted to Narayani Hospital in Nashik. When the patient’s blood was tested in the hospital, it was found that the patient was H3N2 infected.

Nashik’s District Health Officer Dr. Harshal Nehte has received information in this context. Under this, he has instructed the rural hospitals of the district to remain alert, before last month four patients were found infected with H3N2 flu in Nashik city. Therefore, two H3N2 infected flu patients in the district were admitted to the hospital for treatment in February and 2 in the first fortnight of March. All the four patients were found in the city, so they were treated immediately and recovered. On Saturday, March 25, the first patient from rural area and the fifth patient from Nashik district were found in Pimpalgaon Baswant of Niphad tehsil.

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Patients in this disease are treated in three stages. Initial diagnosis requires medication and home delivery, hospitalization and severe symptoms requiring treatment with ventilator support. Every H3N2 usually does not cause a fatal disease, it is contagious and should be taken care of. Citizens should take some precautions without panicking. If any symptoms like cold, cough, fever, body pain, headache, diarrhea, vomiting appear, they should get immediate medical treatment. Now the summer days have started, so do not ignore this disease as a simple flu. Do not panic with H3N2 disease and seek medical treatment immediately. Don’t waste time on home remedies, because it is a contagious disease, so District Health Officer Dr. Harshal Nehte has advised to get complete treatment.

health department alert in the district

The threat of H3N2 flu has increased since last month, while the number of Covid patients is increasing in Nashik city. While the Health Department has again been alerted due to the increase in Kovid, the pressure on the health system has started increasing due to the presence of H3N2 flu patients in the rural areas of the district.

When the relatives of the patients found in Pimpalgaon Baswant were examined, none of them were found infected. Citizens should not panic in case of cold or fever. Seek medical advice immediately. Avoid going in crowd. Compulsory use of mask while going out of the house. This flu is contagious, so there is a possibility of its spread, so the use of mask is mandatory for such patients.

– Dr. Yogesh Dhanwate, Health Officer.