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Thulua Shipiniye Vai Uliowa Gamochakhna’s merchant Laio Shehtiyakai name Parikhe Echam Madhyabhoghi. Assam’s leadership in Rajya Charkara has already taken several commendable decisions. This time Bahgat Thalua has announced the purchase of 100 crores Gamocha circle after Shipini.

The sale of Paarlum Gamocha has already been stopped. The campaign has started against Gamocha who is in power in the Charka and the administration. But there have been complaints about the involvement of a group of middlemen called Gamocha Yogan of genuine Assamese shippers. After Shipini, there are serious allegations of buying cheap gamocha and selling it in bazaars and other commercial markets for profit.

As a result, many businesses are facing difficulties. Especially in Nagaon district, many villages like Shuwalkuchi and Yar Datikasharia region Ramdia, Halogaon, Bamundi, Bathan are importing gamocha. Gamocha is also imported from North Guwahati. Thalua Gamocha is available at current price of 150 taka.

On the other hand, the price of Touch Mugar Duofale is now 900 taka per piece of 70 centimeter, whereas touch jute is now selling at 1400 taka per piece of 90 centimeter. Consumers and many businessmen will be benefited if the same kind of campaign is being launched against the middlemen cycle as the current administration is doing against Gamocha, Bully revealed in the retail business school.

Published by: Sehnaz Begum

FIRST PUBLISHED : March 22, 2023, 17:23 IST

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