Haqqani: Foreign forces destroyed the passport department database


Haqqani: Foreign forces destroyed the passport department database

The General Directorate of Passports said on Thursday that foreign forces had taken away the passport office’s information system at the Interior Ministry and destroyed some other equipment after leaving Afghanistan.

Following the suspension of passport distribution due to technical challenges in Kabul, the director general of the Passport Department, Alam Gol Haqqani, criticized that foreign forces had destroyed the department’s information system (database).

“They have destroyed the baby and biometric system and taken away its data, which is a great betrayal of property,” said Alam Gol Haqqani. “We are now trying to reactivate this system, which was destroyed in the Ministry of Interior, by foreign forces.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior continues to admit that foreign forces, after leaving Afghanistan, destroyed the information system of the Ministry of Interior and some other ministries, and took away some Internet devices.

“A lot of things have been destroyed, the internet of the ministry, which was contracted by the Americans, has also been destroyed and the servers have been destroyed, unfortunately,” said Interior Ministry spokesman Saeed Khosti.

“Those who worked with the United States or those who worked with the US intelligence may have this information about those who destroyed it so that their lives would not be endangered,” said Sarwar Niazi, a militIG expert.

After their withdrawal from Afghanistan, foreign forces destroyed Kabul airport equipment, including helicopters, vehicles and other militIG equipment.

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