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Harda Explosion: Before the people of Harda could control themselves, first second, then third and then continuous explosions started happening. IG News


Explosion in Harda: There was chaos in the entire city of Harda, the impact was felt up to three kilometers away, and panic spread.

Author: Prashant Pandey

Date of publication: Tuesday, February 6, 2024 at 7:58 PM (IST)

Update date: Tuesday, February 6, 2024 at 8:07 PM (IST)

Harda Explosion: Before the people of Harda could control themselves, first second, then third and then continuous explosions started happening.
Explosions at the firecracker factory in Harda.


  1. People thought that a storage of gas cylinders had caught fire.
  2. When loud explosions were heard, everyone got scared.
  3. Within minutes, the entire market began to close down and people began to run into the streets.

Harda Blast: Representative of Naidunia, Harda. The normally quiet city was slowly picking up speed as usual. The bustle began to increase in the main market of the city. The judge was sitting on the dais in the court. The defense attorneys were busy preparing documents. There was also more and more movement in the square, when around 11:15 a loud explosion stopped all movement.

As all eyes turned to the sky, it seemed as if people’s ears stopped. Before the people calmed down, there was another bang and then a third, and then it seemed as if the sequence of bangs continued. Within minutes, chaos spread across the city.

Narendra Rajput, a shopkeeper in Maharana Pratap Colony, said that initially people thought that a gas cylinder warehouse had caught fire, but when loud explosions were heard, everyone got scared. The entire market from Bada Bazaar to Narayan Talkies junction was closed. To save their lives people came out of their homes and shops and gathered in the streets asking what is happening?

The judge presiding over the court hearing also left the court and was thrown out. Hotel operator Rajkumar said the sound of the explosions was so loud that there were fears that his eardrums would burst. The whole sky was covered with smoke and the ground shaking could be felt.

The situation was even worse in Bada Bazaar, which is less than three kilometers away from the firecracker factory. As the continuous explosions began, within minutes the entire market began to shut down and people began to run into the streets.


I saw such chaos for the first time

According to Anoop Jain, a businessman from Bada Bazaar, he has seen such chaos in the city for the first time in his life. The sound of explosions did not stop for about half an hour. Anup said that the Dayodaya stable is about 200 meters away from the firecracker factory. After the accident, large stones also fell in the stable in which the stable manager Ramchandra Chhalotre was injured. A few cows were also injured. The loud bangs caused a cement tank built in the barn to burst. The entire Bada Bazaar, Narayan Talkies Square, Pratap Talkies Square remained closed.

He had to go to court when he got to the hospital, he was shocked

According to defense lawyer Aditya Bhargava, who was sitting in court, he was preparing to go into the courtroom for questioning when the explosions were heard. At first it seemed like eight to ten gas cylinders exploded at the same time, but the sound and sequence of bangs quickly escalated. In a few minutes, the entire playground was empty. Even a judge came out of the rooms on the road to save his life.

He said he didn’t understand anything for about half an hour. People were running here and there just to save their lives. Aditya says he also reached the district hospital but could not stay for long after seeing the heartbreaking conditions there. People were screaming because they were burned by the fire. Relatives wandered in search of their loved ones. He said today’s accident shook the entire city. The wounds of this accident will take a long time to heal.

This is how events unfolded

11.15 – There was a loud explosion on Magardha Road, flames rose several meters high from the firecracker factory.

11.25 – People were seen running away in panic, people were running towards Harda.

11:30 a.m. – Big market closed, people including defense attorney, judge coming from court, chaos ensued.

11:30 – Due to the explosion, pieces of metal and boulders were thrown over a distance of one kilometer. People fell on the spot due to injuries and did not get up.

11.40 – The locals started picking up the injured. Gave way to an ambulance.

12:00 – The police and ambulances arrived at the scene, the barricades began.

12.05 – Ambulance and medical team leave Narmadapuram. Help also went from Betul.

12.15 – People were prevented from moving within a radius of one kilometer.

12.20 – Prime Minister called an extraordinary meeting. Order to send ministers and team to the place.

12:30 PM – 114 ambulances from across the country left for Hardi, construction of green corridor for Bhopal and Indore started.

12.40 – Chaos reigned in the hospital, we could see the crying of the injured and relatives looking for their loved ones.

2:05 a.m. – The minister reached Harda by helicopter and performed an aerial inspection.

2.30 – Injured people started arriving at hospitals in other districts.

4.00 – The first injured arrived in Hamidia. Then the patients started coming.


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