Haryana: Khattar government stuck on the first day of monsoon session, Bhupendra Hooda remembered Nehru’s contribution on Chandrayaan-3 IG News

For a long time, Dushyant remained adamant on his stand and the proceedings of the House came to a standstill. Along with this, the Deputy CM started saying that only 5 people are allowed to ask questions on the calling attention motion, but you have given permission to so many people. I will answer to whom. At that time there was a very strange situation in the House. The Chief Minister was not present in the House and according to protocol, only the number two in the government was challenging the bench. The condition was that the ministers present in the House were looking left and right. The situation became more bizarre when Kuldeep Bishnai’s son and BJP MLA Bhavya Bishnai said that out of pity, I will not question the Deputy CM as he is being attacked a lot today.

government surrounded by its own people

The attacks on the government did not end here. JJP MLA Ishwar Singh from Guhla Cheeka in Kaithal also surrounded the government fiercely. Ishwar Singh, who had gone to take stock of the flood, was slapped by an elderly woman. He said that 70 villages of our area have come under the grip of flood water. 76 buffaloes have died. 2 people have lost their lives. Boats had to be used in flood waters. When the government knows that every year the dam breaks here, then why was it not repaired. On the other hand, BJP MLA Laxman Napa said that 70 villages have been affected in our area. The embankments should be strengthened. Farmers have suffered a lot due to submersible pump breakdown. Compensation should be given to them.