HBO. Scanners adaptation from David Cronenberg in the works IG News

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HBO will produce a TV series based on Canadian director David Cronenberg’s film of the same name, CBC News has confirmed.

Cronenberg will build the new project, while black Mirror Writer William Bridges will serve as screenwriter, showrunner and executive producer, and lovecraft country Director Yann Demange will both direct and executive produce.

The series will be based on Cronenberg’s 1981 world of horror/sci-fi project scannersHowever, “focus on two women living on the margins of modern society, who are pursued by relentless agents with unimaginable powers and thus work together to put an end to a colossal conspiracy determined to bring them to heel. must learn,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, which breaks news in the series’ first.

The original film followed a group of telepathic and telekinetic men and women called the “Scanners” in a fight against another evil Scanner. It is credited with introducing the distinctive technique of Cronenberg’s “body horror” to a wider audience, and became a cult classic. Cronenberg recently debuted another film, future crimesearlier this year.

Shortly after, he told news outlet Deadline that another film – coffinStarring Lee Seydoux and Vincent Cassel – is currently in pre-production, with plans to shoot in Toronto in early 2023.

right to scanners After being held by The Weinstein Company’s Dimension Films for nearly a decade, the adaptation was first acquired in 2017 through a bidding war by Media Race and Braun Studios. Attempts were made to develop the dimension scanners Its own series in 2011, although it was never released.

The upcoming series will be a co-production between HBO, Wayward Films and Media Res.