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The worst incident in Bihar came to light. A young man who refused to dance at a birthday party was treated most brutally. The young man was badly beaten and then pushed a 12-inch large torch from his private part into his stomach to get the monster. The youth was also threatened with death if he told the police about the matter. The incident took place inside the Manjagarh police station.

The victim, a young man living in a village under the Manjagadh police station in Bihar’s Gopalganj district, went to a friend’s birthday party organized in the village by friends. Four young men came to the victim’s home and called to say there was a party. However, as part of the party, the youths who drank heavily asked the victim to dance. However, he refused. The angry youths displayed their cruelty against him. Beat him badly. He then inserted a 12-inch large torch into his private part. They threatened to kill him if he told anyone about the incident and left. But he had a hard time eating and drinking for the work they did.

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The young man immediately went to the police station with his family and described the incident to him. According to the victim’s complaint, the police registered an FIR and arrested one of the accused, Umeshwar Sah. The other accused are on the run. The police are swarming for them. The victim was rushed to a local health center for treatment. Doctors there advised to take the youth to Gorakhpur for surgery. However, the family underwent surgery at a private clinic. Doctors operated and removed the torch from the teenager’s stomach last night. Doctors have indicated that the young man’s health condition is stable at present.

Meanwhile, a riot broke out in Gopalganj district of Bihar. A young man who came out of his house saying that he was going to Bangalore (Benagaluru) .. was lying dead on the side of the national highway for a while. However, after receiving the information, the police seized the dead body and shifted it to Sadar Hospital. After the doctors officially confirmed that the young man was dead .. the family members were informed. The parents were shocked to hear the news of their son’s death. Tears are shed at the loss of a child. Tragic shadows fell on the young man’s family.

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