He was upset with his wife and her friend, so he ate poison. , Accountant said, if justice is not given then he will consume poison again, no FIR even after 8 days IG News

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An accountant living in Malharganj area of ​​Indore consumed poison last Thursday night. When his health deteriorated, his mother took him to the hospital. The police tried to obtain the statement three times. The accountant’s statements were made on Saturday. He told that he was under stress due to the actions of his wife and friend. Now my parents saved me. But if no action is taken against both of them and if he does not get justice, he will not be able to survive. Eight days have passed since the incident, but Malharganj police has not registered a case in this matter.

Abhishek’s son Jagdish Prasad, living in Janata Quarter of Malharganj area, consumed poison on Thursday night. Mother Manjulata admitted him to Arpan Nursing Home. Before committing suicide, Abhishek wrote a suicide note of one and a half pages. He wrote many things revealing the relationship between his wife and friend. Police arrived after receiving information on Thursday night. But due to being in ICU, the statements could not be recorded.

Here, Abhishek’s statement could be made till Saturday night. In the statement given to the police, he said that he had taken the step of committing suicide due to depression. Told the police that his wife and friend constantly threaten him. Right now his parents saved him. But if justice is not given then he will consume poison again.

still receiving threats
On behalf of the family, people associated with Hindu organizations had talked to TI Lokendra Bhadauria. He asked for action. But even after 8 days of the incident, no action is being taken. The family members took Abhishek home after taking leave. Even after this the daughter-in-law argued. At the same time, threats are being received from acquaintances of friend Nitin about withdrawing the complaint and changing the statement.

Will file a case after consulting the authorities
ASI Vijay Bahadur Yadav, who is investigating this case, said that more statements are yet to be made. In such a case, after giving information to the officers, they will take advice from them. After this further action will be taken. Information has also been received that the case between husband and wife is going on in the court.

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