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Ahmedabad: The state has seen an increase in cases of conjunctivitis in recent times. Then Health Minister Rishikesh Patel has given a shocking statement. In which he said that more than 2 lakh people have been affected by conjunctivitis in Gujarat.

Health Minister Rishikesh Patel has said that, ‘2.17 lakh cases of conjunctivitis have been reported. The state government has sufficient quantity of medicines. Another 26 lakh medicines have been made available. Apart from this, the government currently has a stock of 4 lakh medicines available. But the good news for Gujaratis is that now the cases of conjunctivitis are decreasing gradually.’

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Find out what the doctor said about the eyeball

Renowned physician Dr. Vasant Patel says, ‘The eyeballs are sold in grocery stores. People are unaware of it. But such eye drops should not be used without doctor’s advice. If you have eye pain or red eye and if you are not in a position to go to private doctors then you should take eye drops provided at Urban Health Center managed by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. There are all adequate arrangements. There are a lot of complications with the use of eye caps sold in the market.’

It is imperative to take the guidance of a doctor

He further states that, ‘Such eye caps should not be put in unknowingly without any kind of guidance. It can prove dangerous at times. Instead of using such eyecaps, you should use the eyedrops that your doctors suggest. Such eyecaps were commonly used in ancient times. Such eyecaps are also found in grocery stores and are not so hygienic. In this way, the number of patients coming with severe conditions using eyecaps is also increasing.

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