Heavy rain in Rajkot, low-lying areas submerged IG News

  • Motorists are troubled by the water in the gutter
  • Torrential rain in many parts of the city
  • Drizzle with half an inch of rain in half an hour

While the Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains in Gujarat for the next 2 days, Rajkot today received torrential rains in the late evening. After half an inch of rain that fell in half an hour, the low-lying areas of the city were flooded.

The drivers of the vehicles had to face a lot of trouble when the streams of Indraprastha town, which is considered to be geographically low, were filled with water. After half an hour of rain, there were scenes of rivers flowing in the backward areas and on the roads with dividers built without drainage system.

There was heavy rain on Yagnik Road, Gondal Road, Malviya Chowk, Kalavad Road, Jamnagar Road of the city. Due to heavy rains, near Hemu Garhvi Hall in the city as well as in Lakshminagar drains were flooded. Due to which the locals have to face a lot of trouble.


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