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IT was an inspirational meeting in Israel last week, when a team of students from Boys Town Jerusalem (BTJ) – who were recently crowned Israel’s first Tech Challenge robotics champions – met the Australian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem (AFBTJ) was personally congratulated by President David Selig. ,

During his visit to the school, Selig told the students, “I’m here to tell you that we in Australia are grateful to you, [because] We draw strength from our pride in Israel, and our ability to help young men like you, who will contribute to the world.”

Selig, AFBTJ’s president since its inception in 2018, emphasized how Australians, through donations, are generously providing much needed scholarships to needy students at the school, as well as contributing to improving hostels are giving

“Unlike many organizations, AFBTJ can assure donors that every dollar receives excellent bang for the buck.

“We keep our operating costs to a minimum, with no expenses for offices and manpower.”

Selig praised the activities spearheaded by Sydney-born Ilana Kaplan, who has served as BTJ’s Australian development co-ordinator since moving to Israel with her family in 2019.

Kaplan and Selig applaud the recent induction of two new Melbourne-based trustees to the AFBTJ board, Ben Rubens and Yechiel Belfer.

“The Melbourne community can play an important role in helping BTJ develop the next generation of Israeli tech leaders with strong ethical values,” Selig said.

After meeting young students from the BTJ campus, Selig reflected, “I view our work in helping this school as a very Zionist pursuit.

“It is a tremendous achievement to take students, largely from disadvantaged homes … and turn them into positive building blocks of the State of Israel.

“For us, it is a privilege to play even a small part in this mission.”

Selig confirmed that Kaplan would be in Sydney and Melbourne until March 20. To learn more about BTJ email [email protected] to arrange a meeting with him

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