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News Daily Digital Desk: Uma’s turn to return to Kailash. From Banedi Bari to Barwari, preparations are going on for the daughter’s return to her in-laws house, wiping her face with a betel leaf after having sweets. Sindurkhela is going on.

But many people do not participate in sindurkhela even if they want to. Do they fear skin problems? This is not to say that skin problems are completely out of the question. Because vermilion contains various chemicals including mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium. Which is enough to damage the skin. Problems like irritation, itching, rash may develop on the skin. Even the face may swell. However, even if you want to, don’t take part in sindurkhela, what happens? So take special care of the skin before and after sindurkhela. Tips for you.

Sindur Khela

Many people apply moisturizer to the skin before applying color during swing. It is convenient to pick up the color. Similarly apply moisturizer before going to play with vermilion.


[আরও পড়ুন: সাবধান! কন্ডিশনার ব্যবহারের সময় ভুলেও এই কাজগুলি করবেন না]

Sindurkhela is done. How to raise the question now? Use face wash after going home. If face wash doesn’t work, you can use make up remover. If that doesn’t work it can be scrubbed with a light hand.


Then apply toner on the face. After applying toner, dry well.


It is not impossible to feel irritation on the skin after sindoorkhale. Apply aloe vera gel in case of irritation.

Aloe vera

Then watch it overnight. Do not forget to consult a doctor if the skin irritation does not subside completely.


[আরও পড়ুন: দেবদেবীর ছবি আঁকা ট্যাটু রয়েছে শরীরে? নিয়ম না মানলে হতে পারে মহাবিপদ]

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