Here are ways to delete your personal information from Google IG News

We use Google for everything. We use Google even to get small information. That way all the information we search on Google will be stored. Google suggestion gives a lot of information when you type some words in the search box. It stores your previous search information and displays it accordingly for the next search.

It also stores information about you. This saves your search. It analyzes and stores data on everything from what you search, what internet you use the most, and what your personal preferences are.

This information is stored in your cookie and linked to your profile stored in Google’s data center. This will show you ads based on your most searched information. Information is saved automatically when you search on Google. You can delete this information from the browser. For that,

  1. On the Google Search Removal page (, check the requirements.
  2. After verifying the information, you can give the delete option.
  3. After the deletion process is completed, you will be asked for a confirmation via your email. If you provide it, your request will be accepted and Google will delete the previous information.


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