Here the couple sleeps separately, the reason is indeed different! IG News

Marriage is a place of love. Marriage occurs when two people fall in love with each other and decide to spend their lives together. Two people who were living separately till now start their life in the same house after marriage. Before marriage, the couple had a different lifestyle. After marriage, the couple sleeps in the same room. This is what marriage means in India. If couples start sleeping in different rooms, it is considered that there is conflict between the two. Or feel that their relationship is ruined. But did you know that in Japan husband and wife sleep in separate rooms at night? He has a strange life style.

This trending topic is shocking among Indians. But do not follow this practice. This culture of Japan is not followed here. But, the different lifestyle of the couple here seems to be healthy.

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If you think that couples in Japan don’t love each other, you are wrong. The Japanese do not sleep together at night. This does not mean that the relationship between them is weak or that they will soon break up. In fact, couples do this to strengthen the relationship. Here are three main reasons why Japanese couples sleep separately.

1. Couples in Japan highly value each other’s good sleep. If one of the two has to wake up earlier, the other’s sleep will not be disturbed. In such a situation, both of them sleep separately and give each other full time to get enough sleep. They know how important good sleep is for physical and mental health.

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2. Children sleep with their mothers: Children sleep with their mothers in Japan. This is important because it is believed to reduce the risk of maternal death. With this the heart rate of the baby is also controlled. The father can decide for himself whether to sleep with the mother and the baby or sleep separately. But this decision should not disturb the sleep of both.

It is also suggested by doctors in India. Mother and children should sleep together. Very good for health. It also increases happiness hormones in the body.

3. While the rest of the world thinks love doesn’t exist between couples who sleep apart, in Japan it’s associated with quality sleep. Japanese people do not want to disturb their partner’s sleep in their room. For this reason, they still start sleeping separately.

Thus there are different styles of lifestyle in each place. Similarly, this practice is also in Japan. Similarly, couples meet only on weekends.