Here’s a row of box office films that aired in January on Lionsgate Play

Here’s a row of box office films that aired in January on Lionsgate Play – Watching a row of action films to dramas can be your choice to start 2022. Especially now to watch quality films, you don’t need to go to the cinema, you just need to take advantage of premium streaming services like Lionsgate Play.

So starting this new year, this streaming service offers a variety of film genres, from action to drama. For fans of action action, you can watch the blockbuster trilogy Has Fallen, namely Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, and Angel Has Fallen. The film tells the story of Gerard Butler who plays the United States Secret Service agent, Mike Banning, who is tasked with guarding the president and saving him from terrorists.

Film box office Lionsgate Play © 2022 brilio.netMike Banning is tasked with guarding the president and saving him from terrorists in the film Angel Has Fallen

There are also two films Mark Wahlberg has collaborated with Peter Berg in Patriot’s Day. Mark Wahlberg plays Sergeant Tommy Saunders who is tasked with hunting down terrorists. This crime thriller drama is based on the true events of the Boston Marathon bombings.


While in the movie Mile 22, Mark Wahlberg collaborated with Indonesian action star, Iko Uwais. Here the two are involved romp and action action. Iko plays Li Noor, an officer who turns himself in and hopes to exchange information about his country with the United States.

Film box office Lionsgate Play © 2022 brilio.netIn Hustlers, Jennifer Lopez plays a stripper

In addition to action films, drama film fans can enjoy Hustlers, a film that gets a lot of praise especially for its main character Jennifer Lopez who plays a veteran stripper. The film follows a journalist named Elizabeth who is working on a story involving former New York City-based stripper Dorothy known as Destiny, and Destiny’s former friend and mentor, Ramona Vega.

One by one revealed the crimes they committed in the past. The drama was one of the highest rated films when it was released, with a rating of 87% based on 326 reviews.

Film box office Lionsgate Play © 2022 brilio.netSerial drama Vigil

Then for fans of the crime series, there is the premiere and exclusive Lionsgate Play in the British series entitled Vigil. In the UK, episode 1 brought in an audience of 10.2 million views during its first week making it the most-watched BBC drama of the year. Tells the story of Detective Amy Silva who is sent to investigate a report of a death on the nuclear-powered ship, HMS Vigil. His investigation then brought the police into conflict with the Royal Navy and MI5.

Now for fans of other types of films, there are also horror films Child’s Play, also an Academy Award-winning romance Her, supernatural horror movies Polaroid, also The Cave.



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