Hindi-speaking Biharis in Tamil Nadu get Taliban punishment, 12 hanged IG News

Chennai: Bihar laborers are being brutalized in Tamil Nadu. There have been several incidents of beatings with laborers here, in which several people have died. Hindu speaking laborers from almost all the districts work in this state of South India. Bihar laborers cannot go to work due to fear of local people. They are now leaving Tamil Nadu and returning to the village. But due to not getting a ticket in the train, they are sitting imprisoned in the room. The laborers living there are presenting their point by sending videos and photos. News 18 people have told their story on phone to the Bihari laborers living there.

By releasing the audio, the Bihari laborers said that two people have died in the attack so far. While more than 50 people have been injured. Also, according to a media report, 12 laborers have died in the attack in Tamil Nadu so far. However, News 18 Local has not confirmed this.
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Laborers in different districts of Bihar are stranded in Tamil Nadu. According to the labourers, the locals resent the Hindi-speaking laborers as they feel that they are taking away their jobs. Bihari laborers work for low wages, and are constantly targeted because of this.

According to the labourers, a few months ago a meeting was held between the local laborers of Tamil Nadu and the laborers of Bihar. In it, he was warned that the labor is not 800 rupees per day, but 1200 to 1500 rupees per day, if you do not do this, you will have to suffer serious consequences. The laborers of Bihar did not say yes to this, this is the reason why the laborers of Bihar have been continuously attacked for the last one month.

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