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His first wife didn’t like him so he had to remarry: Shabbir Jan.

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Famous Pakistani senior actor, writer and director Shabir Jan has revealed that his first marriage took place at a very young age. At that time the true meaning of marriage was not even known.

Multi-talented actor Shabbir John, who has given many popular dramas to the drama industry, recently gave an interview to senior actor Sajid Hassan on a private TV show.

During the interview The actor also talked about sensitive topics in his personal life such as his grandmother, mother, father, two daughters, children, starting a career and running away from home.

Answering several questions during the interview, Shabbir Jan said that his grandmother was a businesswoman and her shop is still famous in the Sadar area of ​​Karachi. She used to paint pots, later this work was done by his father and then Made by him.

Shabir Jan mentioned his mother and said that she used to tell his father not to hit him. This is my lost coin. When it runs, no other coin will run again.

While talking about his mother, Shabbir John also got overwhelmed during the performance.

He went on to say that Allah showed me that day and gave me that place. My mom always picks almonds and cashews for me.

He said he often stole money from his mother’s purse.

Shabir Jan says he is not interested in education. And he’s not the person who sits in the shop. He’s just mischievous, so he often runs away from the house.

The actor revealed that when he returned home after being away for a month and a half, he discovered that he was getting married. At that time, I didn’t even know the meaning of marriage. Just happy to be married.

He added that his first marriage happened when he was 18 years old.

Shabbir John must say that he did not have a special relationship with his first wife. It’s just that the marriage went on. He didn’t get along with his first wife. And that is the reason that later after acting in dramas and becoming famous in dramas later He married a second time.

Shabbir John revealed that he was not stopped or pressured by his parents to marry a second time. He was just famous at that time. Father and mother happily agreed.

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