Home Minister Amit Shah has warned the opponents that ‘CAA will not be implemented’ IG News

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has recently attacked the central government regarding CAA and NRC, after which the discussion on this issue has started again. Union Home Minister Amit Shah clarified about the CAA in the midst of Gujarat elections that people who think that the government has put the CAA in cold storage are wrong. People should not misunderstand this.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah while talking to media said that CAA is a reality and this is the law of the land. Don’t be fooled by those who dream that the CAA will not be implemented. Regarding the delay in implementing CAA, he said that we have to make rules regarding CAA. It could not be implemented due to Corona, but now Corona is ending. Now it will be worked on.
Amit Shah also talked about the Place of Worship Act and said that the matter is still in court, so it is not appropriate to comment on it. Because after the verdict of Ayodhya, controversies have come to the fore, questions have been raised against this law. I believe that every law should undergo the legal scrutiny of a court. The government will file its reply in this regard.
Attacking the central government, Mamata Banerjee last Wednesday called Bangladeshi refugees citizens of India. He said that people are being misled in the name of CAA and NRC. It is because of his vote that you became PM and today you are saying that you will give us the right of citizenship.


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