Horn in front of the school, be careful! Police made 110 cases in 2 days – News 24 hours IG News

Schools are just starting to open after winter break. Meanwhile, the Kolkata Police started a campaign against honking in front of the school. And because of that, the Kolkata Police took a big step in the anti-horn operation in two days. Basically, during school hours, the police launched this operation in front of several schools in Kolkata. In total 110 cases have been done in two days. 59 cases have been filed on Monday alone. Meanwhile, the examination in schools will start from a few days. Then there will be board exam. The police is taking strict measures to stop the horn before that.

A drive was also launched by the Sealdah Traffic Guard. College Street Silent Zone, Ultodanga Traffic Guard has been the highest case. Anti-corruption cell of Lalbazar has also taken action.

Meanwhile, the anti-pollution cell caught at least 30 bikers who were constantly honking their horns in front of hospitals and schools.

However, according to sources, no horn boards are placed in front of various schools and hospitals in Kolkata. But it is seen in many cases, motorists continue to honk the board by showing their thumbs. While stuck in a traffic jam, the volume of this horn increases gradually. Many people keep honking their horns continuously. On the other hand, when multiple cars honking at the same time, serious noise pollution is created.

Kolkata’s many reputed schools are right next to the main road. As the school is located next to a busy road, there is traffic most of the day. And along with it, the horn goes with a loud sound. The ear does not go because of the horn. The police have repeatedly applied for it. But many do not listen. Even in front of hospitals there is an appeal not to blow the horn loudly. Sick patients may be troubled by the sound of the horn. But this time Kolkata Police started a big operation against horn in the silent zone.

However, it is not the case that the penalty is being imposed in all cases. Motorists are being warned in some cases. Motorists are repeatedly warned not to honk in front of schools or hospitals. Now the police is taking strict action against the violators.

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