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Shimoga (June 28): More than 14 children are being treated at the Marine Taluk Subdivision Hospital for the first time, including fever and cough. The hospital doctors injected the children yesterday in hospital. Fourteen children became ill shortly after the injection. Four children have been sent to Shivamogga for further treatment. As informed, the legislator, MSAIL president H. Haratalu Halappa visited the hospital. Received information from doctors.

For children Antibiotic The injection was given

Instructed to treat appropriately. The doctor who talked to the children about the issue of injections in the hospital. Prakash Bhosheti, hospitalized children are being treated for some issues including fever. Children were given antibiotic injection. Some children have severe cold and respiratory problems, parents said. Have examined the cause. There is no risk to the lives of sick children. Doctors said they were being treated appropriately. ‘

For children Ambulance System

Responding to the media, MLA Halappa said the parents informed me about their children being ill. An ambulance has been arranged for children traveling to Shimoga. I contacted Dr. Sreedhara, an officer of the Meggan Hospital in Shimoga, by specialist doctor and suggested to treat the children. The children in the hospital have been told to take care of them and all other doctors have been asked to work with the pediatrician.

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Pids has also been given to four children

Children who are recovering from illness have worsened health outcomes as a side effect of injection. Four children have severe cold fever, and four children have been infected. Three children Vinod (11), Airaf (10 months) and Arya Gowda (2 years and 9 months) were immediately transferred to the Children’s Ward of Shimoga, Meggan District.

Intensive monitoring on child health

An 8-year-old baby is now admitted to the Sarji Children’s Hospital. The remaining 10 children are being treated at the Marine Subdivision Hospital Children’s Ward. The recovery in all children’s health has been closely monitored by the pediatrician. There has been an improvement in the health of 14 children after the injection.

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One of four children who has been diagnosed with acute fever has been diagnosed with PIDS. Three children have been shifted to the Children’s Ward of Megan District. A child is being treated and admitted to a private children’s hospital at the request of the parents. The health of four children is stable. Pediatric doctors will take care of children 24 hours a day, Rajesh Suragihalli said.

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