‘How Different Generations Reach People’s Homes’ Will Make You Feel Visible IG News

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Oonagh Keating. Updated January 31, 2023

It’s wise to be wary of giving too much credence to generational stereotypes—especially if they link avocado consumption levels to home ownership, but the comedian Jake Lambert A divide is seen that is making people feel seen.

Here is his theory.

You basically have boomers, who will turn up completely unannounced any time from about 7 in the morning, and they’ll be more likely to knock on your door than the police raiding a house.

Jake’s very funny sketch has clearly resonated with Twitterati, racking up more than 130,000 views in less than two days — and garnering comments like this one.

Here’s some great advice @nickmotownHe who knows about these things is himself a very witty man.

You can just do that on Twitter – obviously – as well as TikTok and Facebook or you might even be able to watch it live.

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