How do you balance giving each other time? Shivani -Virajas says … – newly married couple virajas kulkarni and shivani rangole talks about personal life and future projects IG News

How do you balance giving each other time? Shivani -Virajas says … – newly married couple virajas kulkarni and shivani rangole talks about personal life and future projects

Pune Times Team

Decided to start with experimental dramas rather than movies or series?
Virajas : Yes, this medium was chosen with thought. Drama was taught as a subject in my SPM school; Therefore, only friends related to the plays were added. Accordingly, we were getting ‘Creative Circle’. Since I have a habit of reading; Friends used to read books to each other. Director Digpal Lanjekar used to teach us drama. After school, we started doing plays from their group. Actors Suraj Parsnis and Shivraj Vaichal were performing plays from their respective groups; So what our ‘seniors’ are doing, what we see in ourselves through this medium, how we want to work, was visible in front of us. I started Theatron so that everyone could come together and work, and I started writing. It was not an idea to pursue a career in this. Only this art was to be judged beyond school. After working in a group, when I realized that I like this field, I decided to pursue a career. ‘Don’t act,’ said Mrinal Kulkarni; But she encouraged writing and directing. In fact, the area is like a double-edged sword. If my work is good, then it will be criticized as saying ‘what is in his blood’ and if it is bad, then it will be criticized as ‘he doesn’t like it so much’. I mean, success is not only mine and my failure will also be my mother’s, I always remember that; So experimental theater showed me my way to create a different endeavor and an independent identity. While working in plays, I suddenly got a series and started acting.

Shivani : I wasn’t sure either. However, as there is a long tradition of drama in Pune, he always participated in competitions such as storytelling and oratory in schools. Mom wanted to teach acting. She used to direct plays and from there my journey started. Since I was a big talker, I used to paint things. My mother found out that I have a tendency towards acting; But as important as the study was, I did my BA in English from Ferguson College. Being connected to the local art circle, they started looking at this area seriously. Auditioned for a series and got selected. Then I got from one job to another. I want each role to be different and age-appropriate. Mata Shravanakvin is an important part of this career. I kept learning from the works. While doing series-movies, he did not leave the company of drama.

You have just started a new relationship as husband and wife. Since both of them are in the field of acting, how do you balance career and spending time with each other?
Shivani-Virajas We both deal with our confidence as we choose to embark on our play activities. Whether it’s going for a walk together or watching a movie at home. We were able to give each other a lot of time in the lockdown. I used to watch movies every day. We also talked a lot on WhatsApp and video calls.

Marathi series has given many new faces to actresses. They are talented and glamorous. However, the hand-to-hand series is over, and a new role is not coming soon. Glamorous movies are not made for them. You belong to this generation. What do you think

Shivani : The fact that the series gave new, beautiful and acting faces. As artists, we are waiting for ourselves. The better the training, the better the roles. I think the role is the same as the way we think. I think casting is done on those thoughts. Of course, what matters is how we look and how much we groom; But the actress and the casting director should not just accept this. Our image is based on our thoughts and opinions. However, it is equally important that the appearance should not be considered as standard. If the casting depends on how well you do the reels, how many followers you have, how expensive the portfolio is, then this trend seems temporary to me. Lastly, in this industry, acting is the only thing that matters, and as an artist, how much you pay attention to it, how much you train for it.

As the artist is a ‘public figure’, trolling is on the rise. How do you handle this?

Shivani : I block such people. Why bother them mentally? Social media is a means to ‘connect’. The purpose of this medium is to talk to each other, to listen to opinions, to discuss a topic, and it is better to block than to waste energy in answering those who do not understand this purpose.

Virajas : Trolling is intentional statement to make the person in front angry. I just ignore that. However, those who do not know my work, who object to our personal preferences, get annoyed if someone makes a negative comment. In trolling the front wants to have fun; But those who make statements with a negative mindset suffer more. They are just venting their anger on social media; But at such times I pay attention to the admirers.



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