How do you know if the eardrum is torn? IG News

Digital Desk: Many people clean their ears with cotton buds to take care of their ears. But it is often seen to be the opposite of the hit, meaning that the eardrum may be torn. There are also other reasons why the eardrum may rupture. Let us know what they are today.
1) If the inside of the ear is damaged in an accident
2) Sudden increase in air pressure in the ear, such as high-pitched noise, bomb blast, etc.
3) When swimming in the water
4) If you prick your ears with something
5) If there is any ear disease
) If something enters the ear
Symptoms of a ruptured eardrum are:
1) Acute pain in the ears
2) Less hearing in the ears
3) Bleeding from the ears
4) Dizziness

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