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Thanksgiving is over and you’re ready to head to Art Basel Miami Beach. You open your suitcase. Now, what do you pack?

As the art world’s heavy hitters flock to Miami Beach for the annual art fair, Miami Art Week has taken on a larger-than-life, spring break-esque frenzy. But what exactly are these art world players bringing with them to their art fair weekend?

A quick survey of how the art world approached his essentials revealed a pleasantly surprising diverse array of responses. From executives to artists, from gallerists to freelancers, insider tips from all walks of life are in the know. So, what should you pack for Art Basel in Miami Beach? These guys have got you covered.

charged equipment

“It’s very simple for me: An iPhone with the Airtable application, (‘Are you watching late [Pierre] spirits or destroyers [Christopher] Wool text painting? I’ll WhatsApp you!’), and a phone charger.

, Evan Beard, Executive Vice President shop online

comfortable shoes

It’s a no brainer that you’ll be running around like crazy to hit all the art exhibits and events. Many art professionals noted the importance of shoes that could dissipate heat. Some spoke of embarrassing scenes of women wearing stilettos sinking into the sand… through the plastic on the ground of the art tents!

an extra cigarette

Even if you don’t smoke, having one on hand while securing a new client after a stressful event or late night out can seal the deal.

an extraordinary assistant

“Accessories are the punctuation mark to every outfit and the perfect way to break the ice while networking. This year I’m packing a vintage gold banana pin to channel my inner Carmen Miranda—and what a banana market!

, Chalice Baird, artist

hair oil

For the curly haired among us, don’t forget that Miami’s sun is mighty and its humidity unparalleled. If you’re going to be attending events where you need to look your best, some argan oil may do the trick for keeping sun damage and moisture absorption at bay.


Yes, you will spend most of your time indoors during the day and at events in the dark of night. But the sun in Florida is stronger than you’d think, and SPF is never a bad idea.

a travel umbrella (with a bag big enough to fit it)

“For Miami showers, I pack a travel size umbrella. The umbrella is a must, and I don’t make small purses so it will always fit in my bag.

– Jessica Wong, former art gallery director, co-founder 88 finds


“An essential for Basel (and any art or work trip) is a journal for cherished mornings spent alone in my room before the frenzy. I live in fear that someone might read my diary and I’ll lose my life.” I take care of it regardless.

, Maddie Phinney, Art Consultant at Maddie Phinney Agency

Binoculars… because why not?

“While I haven’t been to Basel, you can never go wrong with a pair of binoculars or opera glasses. You can see the item in more detail. It also works great when visiting artistic sites.

– Max Elfson, art collector

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