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Twenty-six archers from across Canada set their target on Team Canada on the first day of the selection camp in Cambridge.

The four-day event is being hosted by Archery Canada to determine the archery team going to the Pan Am Games in Santiago, Chile in November.

“At first it was very nervous,” said Ben Lee, one of Kitchener’s archers.

Lee said archery is not just a physical sport, it is also a mental one.

“You have to have a strong mindset. Second-guessing yourself during a shot can be very damaging to the shot,” Lee said.

An Archery Canada official said there is a science behind the sport that involves studying the wind and environment before competition.

“The wind is a predominant wind on this ground today. The arrows will go up and down depending on how windy it is,” said Sean Riggs of Archery Canada.

This is a time bound game. In some cases, you only have a few minutes or less to shoot all your arrows.

“We shoot for eight hours in tournaments, so there’s just so much effort going into something that seems easier than deceit,” said Emilio Verdugo Paredes, an archer from Waterloo.

The championship, due later this year, is the best way to secure a spot for the 2023 Pan Am Games, which is also taking place in Santiago.


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