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How will the match between Pakistan and India in the T20 World Cup be?

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Talks have already begun regarding an India-Pakistan clash in the 2024 ICCT Twenty20 World Cup, although the match is scheduled to take place on June 9 in New York.

The biggest question being asked is what will the field be like for the India-Pak match? Because a temporary stadium has been built in New York This is the first time that there is competition at this level.

It is reported that Nassau County Stadium in New York will be the same stadium as Adelaide for the India-Pakistan match.

Twenty20 World Cup USA CEO Brett Jones said building the temporary stadium presented huge challenges. There was record rain and freezing cold during construction.

Brett Jones said the idea for the temporary stadium was taken from the Olympic Games and Formula 1 golf courses. This is the same infrastructure used in these activities.

He said the services of those who have been working on this infrastructure for 23 years have been put in place. and drop-in technology is used in sales pitches.

He said the drop-in field was produced in Florida’s warm climate. and will be sent from Florida to New York near the event.

Brett Jones says these fields will be similar to Melbourne and Adelaide. Adelaide’s stadium has a very good history.

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