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Dharwad: Who doesn’t like a dog? This dog’s name is Charlie. People don’t help people these days, you have to say hats off to the amazing work done by this cute German Shepherd Dog! That’s why Charlie and this dog have done a great job of Dog Blood Donation. This Charlie also donated blood twice. From here to Dharwad (Dharwad) world famous Charlie!

Another dog is given life

In Dharwad, Dr. Sakiro was very serious about the dog. Urgent blood was needed. The whole town was soaked in blood. When I was nowhere, I found you like God, Charlie. Charlie’s Sakiro Somasekhar Channashetty agreed to donate blood for their dog.

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Somasekhar is an animal lover

Basically, Somashekhar is also an animal lover. Wherever animals are in trouble, they come to the rescue. That’s why after donating blood, dogs get blood recovery within 45 days. He knew there was no danger. That’s why he got down to a job that no one in the town was doing.

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Police dog is reborn!

Another time a police dog also needed blood. Even this time, Charlie donated blood without looking back and forth. That’s why everyone greets Nam Charlie on the streets of Dharwad.

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