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Delhi: Right now, there is a lot of discussion about Shraddha murder case in the whole country. Every day new facts are coming out in this case. New facts are emerging in the Shraddha Walker murder case, along with new questions. Based on the details that have been found so far, Shraddha and Aftab’s relationship has been very bad. Shraddha was suffering a lot in the name of love. But the question is, why Shraddha did not leave with Aftab. Delhi Police has got many evidences in this matter.

The police investigation revealed the details

Police are also interrogating Poonam Birnal in this matter. Poonam Birnal lives in Nalasopara area near Vasai, Mumbai. Poonam said in this matter that when Shraddha and Aftab came to live in the Ever Shine area, Shraddha came to her for help three times. In this matter, Punam and Shraddha also went to the local police station Tulinz Police Station to file a complaint. After that, we were ready to file an FIR on the next day.

Aftab’s parents were explaining Shraddha to their parents

According to Poonam, when Aftab used to beat Shraddha, he did not come home but used to go to her parents’ house. After that, Aftab’s parents used to explain Shraddha and Shraddha used to talk to Aftab’s parents. This streak continued. Aftab often beat Shraddha and Aftab’s parents used to convince Shraddha by explaining them.

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He often beat her

In this matter, Poonam further stated that once when Shraddha came to her, she had black ink marks on her head, cheeks and neck. Not only that, there were marks on his neck as if someone had strangled him. When she asked Shraddha about this matter, she said, ‘Aftab has beaten her a lot and tried to kill her, if I had not run away, he would have killed me. He beat me this way because I refused to eat non-veg.’ Aftab would force her to eat non-veg and if she refused, he would beat Shraddha.

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Giving his parents with Aftabano

Poonam said, ‘At that time, Shraddha would agree to the persuasion for a while, but then Aftab’s parents took Shraddha back to Foslani. Begging him to forget his son’s mistake and forgive him. Those people used to talk with such emotion that she would melt. If Shraddha had not spoken to her parents then, she would be alive today. Poonam completely blames the attitude of Aftab’s parents. Those people protected Aftab in a way.

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