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Till last month the price of a big lemon was ten rupees. However, no quality lemon was found. There is no supply less than the demand in the markets. There were huge lemons. But now the whole scene is reversed. These are the days when lemon farmers fall. Only eight rupees per kg. Where is a lemon for ten rupees? Now where are the lemons for eight rupees a kilo..? How much change in a month..? Currently the price of lemon is looking at the bottom. Till last month, the price which seemed to be low and made the farmers happy, has come down a bit. Farmers are worried about this. Climate change has become a bane of lemon farmers.

In Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh) especially in Eluru District (Eluru District) the hilly areas like Gopalapuram, Koyyalagudem, Devarapalli, Nallajarla, Dwarakathirumala and other mandals are cultivating lemon groves. As there is a crop throughout the year, many people describe lemon groves as singing. Presently, the situation of lemon farmers has become impossible.

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Every year from March to May there is a good demand for this crop due to summer. As it is high in Vitamin C, consumers use lemon more. Doctors say that there are other symptoms along with citric acid. For the farmers who grow such lemons, they have been stuck in the precipice of loss or unaffordable price in the market for some time now. This summer, the price of a kilo of lime rose up to Rs.160. At that time farmers used to look at the trees for nuts.

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Even the small-sized nuts were transported to the market with passion for the price. At present, although the trees are full of nuts, the price of a kilo of lemon in the market is only Rs.8 to Rs.10. Farmers say that this will not cover the cost of harvesting. Big lemons are 12 to 15 per kg. Small lemons are 20. Some farmers say that if they don’t collect the nuts because the price is low, the trees will be burdened and the trees will rot and the virus will infect the trees. In this context, the farmers are in a state of confusion and do not know what to do. Ripe nuts are not harvested or the trees ripen and fall off.

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