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Environment Canada says strong thunderstorms hitting parts of southern Manitoba on Monday could cause a tornado.

The weather agency has issued a tornado warning for the municipality of Norfolk Treharne, it said in a statement after 5 p.m.

Meteorologists are tracking the storm, which is occurring near Rosendale and moving to the southeast at 30 km/h, the statement said. The communities of Rosendale and Dakota Plains are also affected.

Harmful winds, nickel-sized hail and localized heavy rain are possible, the statement said.

Severe weather has created a “hazardous and potentially life-threatening situation”, Environment Canada said, urging people to take cover immediately if the weather threatens.

People should also seek shelter immediately if they hear thunder or a funnel cloud, debris moving near the ground, flying debris, or any dangerous weather.

The weather agency advised people sheltering from tornadoes to go inside a room on the lowest floor, such as a bathroom, stairwell or interior closet, and stay away from exterior walls and windows.

People should also leave mobile homes, vehicles, tents, trailers and other temporary or free-standing shelters and move to a sturdier building, if possible. As a last resort, they can even lie down in a low place and protect their heads from flying debris.

A tornado warning is issued when a thunderstorm or thunderstorm is likely to occur or is already producing a tornado.


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