Husband Catches his Wife Red Handed With Lover on Scooty in Agra IG News

Trust is important in relationships. Especially, if the marriage relationship is to be right, there must be trust, respect and discipline in both parties. Only then will the relationship and family be right. But in today’s technology era, all those elements are slowly disappearing. A smart phone that is turned on in the hand three times a day, the influence of social networks (Social Media) of today affects relationships and mood. In particular, it seems that these social networks are the indirect reason for the breakdown of marital relationships. It is common for a wife to cheat on a husband, and for a husband to do something behind his wife’s back.

As an example of that, a video of a husband holding a wife who was going with a lover has gone viral on Twitter.

A young woman who left her husband and daughter and was hanging out with someone else
After all, such an incident happened in Agra. The husband and wife have been married for 10 years. A beautiful family with husband wife and daughter. But that woman, who should have had a happy marriage with her husband and daughter, took the wrong path. She cheated on her husband and was hanging out with someone else.

But what happens when Grahachara is bad. Those who make the mistake of drinking water after eating salt must be caught one day or the other. Similarly, this woman was also caught red-handed by her husband while riding a bike with her lover.

The husband who took his wife away
After all, the husband knows that he is having an affair with someone from his wife’s behavior. He found out that she was having an affair with some businessman. Last Sunday, the husband followed the wife who left the house without asking.

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He left on a scooty along with his daughter and saw him going along with his wife Inyaraddo on the Kailash Mandir road here. At last he has crossed them. He also caught his wife’s lover and beat him well. This video has gone viral on Twitter.

Finally the police came to the spot and fined both the persons. In the background of disturbing the public peace, he was fined and fined. At present, no action has been taken against the woman who turned her back on her lover.

last word
And now it is common to see a rift in the marital relationship. More divorce cases are coming for it than ever before. The reason for this is from small things to big things like deceiving those who trust him. Many people who take the wrong path without looking at their trusted life partner and children who depend on us need to learn a lesson.

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There is no meaning in any relationship that is conducted secretly. Instead, the beautiful family will be destroyed. We have enough people who ruin their lives by not living the life they have. Such people still need to learn wisdom. As long as possible, be a good father and mother to your children.. You have to walk on the right path.

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