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ITDA PO Ankit IAS standing by tribal unemployment candidates.

Tribal unemployed candidates spend thousands of rupees in private coaching centers and cannot get proper coaching. But tribal unemployment candidates also dream of getting a job of their own to be at a higher position in life. They constantly work towards their dreams but are frustrated by the lack of encouragement at least. The Telangana state government has been undertaking a huge number of police recruitment since its formation.

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It is in this background that police job is considered as a life achievement for many young men and women. ITDA Atour Nagaram stands by the tribal unemployed candidates who are struggling for such life achievements.

After issuing the notification, free training was provided to the tribal unemployed candidates from all over the united Warangal district for the police preliminary examination. In the physical events section to be held afterwards, free ground practice training for tribal unemployed candidates will be conducted under the guidance of ITDA officials.

150 tribal unemployed candidates will be given free ground practice at Youth Training Center Jakaram in the upcoming physical events from Ankit IAS who gave shoes to 170 people. As a part of this, ITDA Project Officer Ankit gave running shoes to all the IAS candidates and once again stood as a supporter for the unemployed.

On this occasion ITDA project officer said that the tribal unemployed candidates have passed the preliminary examination after working very hard. He advised the candidates to work hard like a hard worker who does not give up until they achieve what they want in life to pass the physical events on the ground and then focus on the mains.

It is said that ITDA will always stand by the tribal unemployment candidates so that no one should get discouraged if there are any problems they should bring them to their attention immediately. All the best in advance to all the upcoming physical events that all the trained candidates must work hard to achieve the merit marks in their respective physical events.

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