ICC A major change in the rules of international cricket IG News

– The rules will come into effect from October 1

– The new batsman must take a strike within two minutes of being out;

– After being caught out, the new batsman will come and take over the strike

London, September 20 (Punjab Mail) – The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made a major change in the rules of One Day, Test and T20. Now, if a batsman gets out, the new batsman has to come to the crease within two minutes and take a strike. If he does not do this, then the captain of the opposing team can appeal for a time out against him, while earlier this time was three minutes. Apart from this, this time will be 90 seconds in T-20. Apart from this, when a batsman is caught out, then the new batsman will come to the crease and take the strike, while the second batsman standing on the crease used to take the strike after reaching the batting end.

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