If BJP is the biggest party in India, is it ready to compete alone in Tamil Nadu? IG News

Saying that all terrorists belong to RSS and BJP, Seeman questioned whether BJP is ready to contest alone in Tamil Nadu.

Nam Tamil coordinator Seeman while meeting the media in Salem today said, “Governor does not care about the people when many people have died in online gambling. People’s interest is moving without any decision. This is why we say there is no need for a governor. If a government elected by the people takes a decision, a governor not elected by the people vetoes it. So where is the value for eight crore people? “Where is democracy?” he asked.

Also, “Annamalai accuses the ruling DMK of going on the wrong path. What is going right in BJP rule? They have taken everything and given it to private employers. They have kept people in suspense. If everything is Aadhaar then what is the purpose of National Certificate of Citizenship? Is it on the right track in all other states ruled by BJP?. We, the Tamil party, have been protesting that we don’t want freebies in Tamil Nadu from the beginning. The people’s government is to raise the standard of living of the people, and we deliver this if we announce it during election time. They say they provide it. Do you have to come to power and give this? This is also a kind of help,” he said.

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To a question raised about Prime Minister Modi saying that there are terrorists in Congress, he criticized that all terrorists are in RSS and BJP. Also, audios of BJP women executives talking down to the ground are being released. BJP state president should handle Annamalai properly. It is said that no country can be proud that does not respect women. This matter is indecent and regrettable,” he said.

Speaking further, he said that the functioning of the Tamil Nadu government is questionable, and on the question of whether the governor should be recalled, the country does not need a governor. What did seven people suffer for liberation? Is the governor’s signature writing the signature of eight crore people? He questioned. Further,

In Tamil Nadu, the sale of drugs has increased more than before. He alleged that the level of law and order is questionable.

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On the question of how it would be if Udhayanidhi Stalin became the minister, the country would turn upside down and become Singapore. He teased that you are smiling in the morning. AIADMK will not stand on BJP’s feet unless BJP stands on someone’s feet here. They say BJP is a big party, can it stand alone? What a question he raised.

Can Tamil be recognized as the official language in Tamil Nadu? In that case, where do you raise Tamil, do you have the right to speak Tamil in Parliament? He also said that what is going to go wrong if 22 languages ​​are the national language in a country where many nationalities live together. He said that people change, government changes, system does not change, that is why these two should be changed.

Linking Aadhaar number in electricity sector is not necessary. They said that once the DMK comes to power, the account will be taken every month. At present, after coming to power, the account is taken only once in two months. Electricity charges have already been hiked so how much time will it take for digital speaking DMK polls in such a computerized world. He said that this is the problem of harassing and bullying people.

He also said that the only goal is to contest the elections in 2024 and win the election. He said that this home search education program also has a new education policy. DMK opposed the eight lane. But now they are trying to do it again in the name of travel time reduction road. AIIMS hospital building is being constructed elsewhere. He criticized that they will bring it to Madurai on a specific date.

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